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Much of the information that is available free on our site is based on extensive research from the book Ear Pieces: The Smart Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids. If you found the information here helpful, please support us by purchasing the downloadable guide. At just 99 cents, it is a minor expense, but it will provide funds for our on-going work to bring you the latest and most important information related to hearing aids. In addition, the guide provides additional analysis and advice that is not covered on this site.


Also sold on Amazon, this 40-page guide includes everything you would want to know about hearing aids, including:

History of hearing aids and the advancement of hearing technology over time

Types and designs of hearing aids, including the benefits and drawbacks of each

Causes of hearing loss and the limitations of hearing aids

Specific criteria to utilize in selecting the optimal hearing aid product

Measuring hearing loss and ensuring proper fit for the hearing aid

Costs associated with hearing aids and corresponding insurance coverage

Proper cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance of hearing aids

Living with hearing loss and adjusting to different environments and situations 

Other accessories available for the hearing impaired...and much more.

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